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Record Cleaning Kits

Available in store only. Includes microfiber cleaning cloth, 8oz solution, brush and label protector.


How To Clean A Record

First find an appropriate surface to place your record on for cleaning, we recommend using your turntable. Bonus points for a soft slip mat to avoid scuffs.

Place cork label protector on your record before wetting anything.

Using the record solution, wet the exposed record grooves as well as the brush. You do not have to be too thorough, a drizzle around should do it. Using the included brush, brush along the grooves, using enough pressure to see the foam in the brush is being depressed. First go one direction (eg clockwise) then the other (eg counterclockwise.) Make sure as you go, the entire groove surface is dampened so you aren't dry brushing the dirt further into the grooves.

Wipe with microfiber cloth and repeat on side 2.

Enjoy your clean record!

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