Street parking is available but limited due to construction, there are multiple parking garages in the area with public parking, such as the Omega hotel garage across from Glenwood 1.

Sales & Repair

Please contact us if you have something you'd like to sell or have repaired! Give us an idea of the situation and we may be able to come to you or we may ask you to leave your items with us for evaluation.

New Stuff

We put out new records weekly and new equipment goes on the floor after testing.


Luckily you only have to find our door once! We are in the basement of the Carter building, there will be a large pink banner on the side of the building with records on it. Our door is under that banner! You may have to knock as we often keep it closed due to weather.


Record Store Day

Record Store Day is a nation wide event that started in 2007 to celebrate independent record stores and happens on the third Saturday of April. Many stores sell special RSD released, i.e. limited edition records pressed for Record Store Day. As we do not sell new records, we celebrate differently! We save up rare, sought after records for months with the goal of having over 1,000 of the best lps for you to choose from. Along with a plethora of equipment if you need something to play your awesome new records on or if you're looking for an upgrade.


Our building is pet friendly and we WILL pet any dog that steps inside. Be warned.

New Releases

We are a strictly used store, so if you're looking for the latest album release we're happy to refer you to other local stores that carry them or may even order for you.