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Frequently Asked

It's us, your favorite used record store in Raleigh! We're here to help, whether you're just getting into the hobby or trying to find the last mono 1a/1b Bluenote Miles Davis record to finally complete your collection. 

While we do not actively stock new records, some do come in so we might even have that Taylor Swift album you've been looking for (probably not though.) We also have a large selection of consumer level hifi, that means turntables, amps, receivers, speakers and so on. Just don't ask me for directions, okay?

You can always text!

we all hate making phone calls, so you can text us on the shop phone.

  • We are located at 608 W South St, Raleigh NC. Street parking is free in front of the store or you can park in the back lot if you need to unload equipment or plan on a long shopping day. Our store is the old Kirby shop located between Trojan labor and SirCastleTees, Feature Flora and more are also located on our block and we are a short jaunt from the farmer's market.

  • We are pet friendly! I often bring in our piranha masquerading as a puppy to the store, so yes, please bring in your pets!

  • A call, text or email is appreciate but not necessary before bringing in records to sell. Hifi sales are only on weekends unless you intend to drop off during the week.

  • Repairs are also only on weekends as that is when Aaron, our repair extraordinaire is in. Please know that his time and energy are limited, and so we do not take on all repairs. We may however be able to help you do the repairs yourself, Aaron prefers phone calls (I know, I know) so feel free to give him a call during weekend hours for advice! We do not repair ANY all in one units as the cost of repairs almost always exceeds the piece and vintage parts are often no longer available. Thanks proprietary branding!

  • Record Store Day is different around here as a used only record store. We hoard those good-good records like it's our job until April. Usual hours are 11-5, yes there will most likely be a line but probably not as crazy as it is for conventionally participating RSD stores!

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