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Record Store Month

Record Store Day has announced the dates for RSD2021 as June 12th and July 17th but we think that just isn't enough. Instead, we will be having deals for a whole Record Store MONTH! 

Each weekend will have a different event, except the weekend of July 10th when we'll take a little break.

Deals will be available on Saturdays and Sundays, and regular shopping hours will still be on Fridays 12-3.

June 12th: The kick off

Hours: 11a-5p

We will be putting out bins of specially saved RSD records with a focus on some seriously impressive jazz. Pictures and more will be posted on instagram and facebook for a preview. Line up will be down the driveway to the side door, unless otherwise directed on the day of for weather. Shopping will be similar to last year with a shopping route and numbered bins. People lining up will get to go through the route, there will be a reject bin at the end of the route and if you feel the need to look through again, you will have to line back up.

June 19th: Grab Bags

Grab bags, blind bags, mystery packs, whatever you call them, are back! A variety of genres will be available Saturday and Sunday, no holds for fairness sake.

June 26th: New Arrivals

The new arrivals bins in the center island will be completely emptied and refreshed. That means six XL bins of NEW records.

July 3rd: Save some $$

Stock will be 10% off, for a discount of up to $150 

*excludes RSD 

July 9, 10 and 11: Closed for Prep

July 17th: The End

A smaller release of traditional RSD picks will be available, without the jazz focus. Pictures will be available on instagram and facebook.

There may be small changes or additions to each weekend's event so be sure to check back!