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We're moving! We are in the process of moving to 608 W South Street, Raleigh NC.

We will be in our current location on Glenwood until the end of Feb, there will be a more formal announcement as we get closer to the move date on an official opening at the new shop.

Why is the move exciting? There will be windows, central heat and AC, free parking on the street and even more oh-so luxurious amenities. 

The new location is just down the road from the farmer's market, in the same block as Sircastleteees and Artikle 74. Vault craft beer is a short walk as well! 


Previously In The Groove records, we took over in Jan 2016, made a few changes (such as the name) and re-opened in Feb 2016. Former owner, Greg, still sneaks in every so often and we try to keep the spirit of the store alive. Namely, that vinyl deserves to be heard and enjoyed. We exist to help you enjoy music and how you listen to it, as we do.

Anna & Aaron

WHERE WE ARE (until Jan 31, 2022)

14 Glenwood Ave, Suite B-1

Raleigh NC 27603

In the basement of the Carter building, one building down from the corner of Glenwood & Hillsborough.

You can get us from the side door, down the little driveway with the pink banner to the blue door. It may be closed due to weather, but knock during open hours and we'll let you in! 



If you're dipping your toe in the vinyl pool or looking to complete your collection, we're here for you. We carry a large stock of 12" lps, 7" singles and an always changing selection of vintage receivers, amps, speakers and turntables.

We buy and sell records and equipment, so if you're looking to trade up or make room come on by and we'll get you fixed up.

Hey everyone! I'm Anna, the owner of Sound Off Records & Hi-Fi and this is my husand Aaron, the manager, and all around Mr. Fix It. We're stoked you're considering coming to see us! Our goal for this adventure is to have fun, listen to good music and pet dogs! 

We'd love to have you join us.

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